INA and ROX started cooperation as a part of INA Key Partner program


INA started two-year business cooperation with ROX. This is the first such cooperation in Croatia based on INA Key Partner program that is already being implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it will enable ROX to use INA Partner tag and sell exclusively INA’s fuel at their recently reconstructed retail site at Slavonska avenija 100 in Zagreb. With the offer of INA’s high-quality fuels Eurodizel and Eurosuper 95, customers will be able to purchase Eurodizel Class Plus and Eurosuper 95 Class Plus at the same retail site. Moreover, INA autoplin, gas bottles and INA Maziva lubricants will also be available.

ROX is INA’s long-term consumer of oil products and a supplier of consumer goods. Furthermore, the company is a part of the INA Key Partner program on Bosnia and Herzegovina market also.