INA introduces new fuel: Eurosuper BS 98+ CLASS


INA is introducing a new fuel: Eurosuper BS 98+ CLASS that will be available at 115 INA petrol stations across the country. A list of petrol stations where you can buy Eurosuper BS 98+ Class fuel is available at the petrol stations search application.

Eurosuper BS 98+ CLASS is a high quality fuel in accordance with European Standard EN 228 for motor fuels. The value of the octane number differentiates it from other motor fuels available at INA petrol stations. Eurosuper BS 98+ CLASS is an unleaded, non-sulphur gasoline of the highest octane level (RON/MON at least 98/88) intended for all vehicle types where the technical specification recommend the usage of a high octane motor fuel, especially for the new generation motor vehicles (for engines with high-pressure fuel injection). It complies with the EURO V requirement regarding the reduction of substances in exhaust gases.

Additives package for EUROSUPER BS 98+ CLASS contains the components that:

  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Exclude sediments (residue)
  • Improve engine performance and fuel combustion
  • Leave the combustion area and other surfaces in contact with the fuel in a clean condition
  • Reduce friction between moving engine parts (pistons and cylinder walls)
  • Increase engine power and durability