Order fuel oil, save energy and heat your home!

INA heats your homes in the cold winter weather this year too!

Do you know that fuel oil is an energy source that fully meets environmental requirements, is easy to use and has excellent energy efficiency? The advantage of fuel oil is reflected in optimal consumption and affordability, lower maintenance costs and longer service life of all heating system devices. That is why fuel oil is an increasingly acceptable choice for heating for a large number of citizens.

With a long-standing tradition of high-quality fuel oil on the market, INA has been heating your homes and thinking of you in the cold winter months for almost six decades. As a leader in the supply of fuel oil on the market, INA provides customers with reliable and fast delivery to the desired address in the entire Republic of Croatia, under excellent sales conditions.

The quality of INA fuel oil complies with the requirements of the Regulation on the quality of liquid petroleum fuels.

And the price? The price is the same, regardless of the payment method: cash or card up to six installments.

For even faster and simpler ordering of INA fuel oil, you can also use the online form, and you can find more information about the offer and ordering at www.ina.hr.

INA – the warmth of your home!