Press center



(designation: bar), unit of pressure; outside the <strong>SI </strong>international system unit, but exceptionally allowed for use. Suits the size of 100 000 (10<sup>5</sup>) Pa (Pascal), approximately suits one technical atmosphere (at), that is, the pressure of water column 10 metres (m) high.


measuring unit of liquid, size: 159 litres (l).

Base oil

product produced by refining crude oil; other motor oils and greases result from further processing of this oil.


clay-like rock (type of clay); mixed with water, it produces drilling mud.

Balance reserves

quantities of discovered mineral raw material that can cost-effectively be extracted from the reservoir. Volumes of oil/petroleum, natural gas and gas condensate that can cost-effectively be produced from reservoirs by applying technical-technological procedures.


natural bitumen is a non-evaporated residue of oil/petroleum in the ground or on the surface; it is the heaviest oil/petroleum product where crude oil refining is concerned.

Drilling plant

plant for drilling deep wells.

Drilling derrick

high, steel, screen-like construction, part of the drilling plant which helps to drill the well.


crude oil products, separated at processing temperatures of 70 – 185 <sup>o</sup>C; raw material for further refining and chemical processing. After further processing, it produces motor fuels, fuels for internal combustion engines. It is also used in the petrochemical industry as straight run petrol or virgin naphtha.


hole drilled in the ground or underground; geotechnical or mining facility used for the exploration and recovery of raw material or water, soil exploration etc.