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(«degasolisation» – recovery of gasoline, petrol); processing plant where specific gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons (methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, natural petrol) are separated from the mixture of natural gas.


elimination of water from substances; elimination of water from petroleum and natural gas, and damp from natural gas.

Dehydration of gas

plant for eliminating damp from natural gas.


elimination of oil from paraffin wax.


process in which crude oil is separated into specific fractions.

Distillation column

device (vessel) in which specific ingredients (gases, petrols, paraffin wax etc) are separated from a heated mixture of crude oil at different levels and temperatures.

Distribution network

gas pipeline system inside a village or group of villages to which end gas consumers are connected (households, small industry, schools, hospitals etc.).

Diesel fuel

(diesel), fuel for internal combustion engines; produced by further refining of lamp oil (kerosene) and light gas oils which are separated from petroleum and its products at temperatures of 190 – 360 C.

Oil distillation

process in which crude oil is separated into specific ingredients by distillation.

Petroleum products

products resulting from crude oil refining.