Safe, light, and practical – INA composite gas cylinders

INA is the leading distributor of LPG in Croatia, recognizable for its new generation composite gas cylinders. The bottle has a standardized 5.3 kg, which makes it easy to transport, and since it is partially transparent, it allows the user a better insight into the amount of remaining gas. These characteristics are among its most significant functional advantages for the consumer. Also, an additional advantage of INA’s composite gas cylinders is the ergonomically designed handle, without sharp edges, which makes it easy to handle. Modern composite materials from which the bottle is made have been proven to guarantee safety during use.

In addition to paying a deposit, users get to use a composite gas cylinder owned by INA, d.d. The amount of the deposit depends on whether the new user of the blue composite gas cylinder delivered a steel or orange-gray composite gas cylinder with the INA, INAplin or Proplin logo with a capacity of 10 kg while filling out the deposit certificate.

If a new user of composite gas cylinders brings a steel or orange-gray composite gas cylinder with the INA, INAplin, or Proplin logo, with a capacity of 10 kg and pays a deposit fee of EUR 55, the new user will receive a blue composite cylinder for use, while INA d.d. takes ownership of the delivered steel or orange-gray composite cylinder.

With a surcharge of the deposit in the entire amount of EUR 69, the new user receives a blue composite gas cylinder for use, and if he no longer wants to use it, he has the right to return the deposit paid upon return, with the condition of returning the deposit slip and presenting the receipt with which it was paid deposit.