20 years of INA card

INA card is the first Croatian card for payment of fuel and other goods and services at INA retail sites, as well as at other points of sale bearing the sign of INA card. In 1997 the issuing of the card to business customers began and at the end of the year more than 300 contracts were signed. Today INA card has more than 11 thousand users. INA card is primarily meant for business customers with which INA has a contract and thus improves cooperation. In the occasion of the 20th anniversary of INA card, new members get first year of use without fees, while for our customers of 20 years there will be no more fees permanently.

During 20 years of operations, technology was upgraded to an automated process and each transaction is checked in real time. In addition to the standard INA card a prepaid INA card was introduced (for customers who prefer paying in advance) and INA card for diplomats as a special segment. The number of points of sales was increased in Croatia and the region (Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Romania). Paying road, tunnel and bridge fees at all motorways in Croatia, and linking permanent money orders related to ETC payments, was enabled, as well as purchase of vignettes for Slovenia, Hungary and Serbia. Also, an online service was introduced for INA card users, providing an additional level of monitoring and insight into operations via INA card.

Today, INA card hold the leading position on Croatian market when it comes to this type of cards. There are over 200 thousand active INA cards and more than five million transactions annually are made in the INA card system. INA card enables purchase of quality fuel and other products and services at the largest retail network in Croatia and it is the only such card covering entire Croatia.

You can find more information about how to become INA card user at INA card web page.