Croatian President Ivo Josipovic visits INA’s platforms

    • Croatian President Ivo Josipovic visited INA’s platforms in the North Adriatic in company of INA’s management
    • About 1  billion dollars have been invested so far in the North Adriatic
    • Ivana field is one of INA’s most important discoveries in Croatia with a significant gas production contribution
    Zagreb, July 22 – Croatian President Ivo Josipovic with its delegation visited INA’s gas platforms Ivana A/K, located just outside of Pula in the North Adriatic, on Sunday, July 21, in the company of INA’s management. They also visited drilling platform Labin, which will be used in exploratory activities in Ilena and Ivna prospects and in the development activity of IKA JZ in the months to come.

    Platforms Ivana A/K are the central exploitation platforms for all North Adriatic fields. Production in Croatian North Adriatic, where platform Ivana is located, began in 1999. With annual production from North Adriatic of  around 1.2 billion m3 of gas, this area as well as Ivana  field are one of INA’s most important discoveries in Croatia.

    “Croatian President Ivo Josipovic’s visit presents an exceptional honour for our company. We used this opportunity to inform President Josipovic about our exploration and exploitation activities in North Adriatic fields and about INA’s efforts to make a strong contribution to a secure natural gas supply and to Croatia’s energy independence through this and similar projects. In addition to the significant investments we have made so far, we have also developed detailed activity plans for the period ahead, in which we plan to build two more exploration and five production wells.”, Zoltán Áldott, President of INA’s Management Board, said on the occasion.

    Development of North Adriatic fields began in 1996 when INA entered into a business cooperation and production sharing agreement with Italian oil company Eni, establishing the joint operating company INAgip. INAgip operates nine exploitation fields in North Adriatic with 17 installed platforms (16 production platforms and one compressor platform). Partners INA and Eni have so far together invested about 1 billion dollars in the North Adriatic project and are planning further exploration and production activities.