INA supports SOS Children’s Village Croatia

Lekenik, 29 November 2023 –INA’s friendship and support to the SOS Children’s Village Croatia lasts over a decade. With its latest donation, INA is helping to equip and furbish the premises of the SOS Youth Facility in Osijek, while continuing to support the work of the facility leaders of all four SOS Youth Facilities.

Lekenik, 291123. Djecje selo Lekenik Dodjela donacije INA-e za djecu u Djecijem selu Lekenik. -Placeno snimanje za INA-u- Foto: Ranko Suvar / CROPIX

Children are our future, and ensuring a bright future is more challenging in case of children who lack adequate parental care. Having always kept its finger on the pulse of the society’s needs when children and young people are concerned, INA is well aware of this fact, which is why the company has been lending its support the SOS Children’s Village Croatia for over a decade. Just in time for the holiday season, INA once again decided to make a donation to help the Village upgrade the areas where children spend their time, and support the work of the facility leaders of the SOS Youth Facilities.

President of the Management Board Zsuzsanna Ortutay presented them with INA’s donation: “We are honoured to support SOS Children’s Village in their mission to provide a loving home for every child. They are doing incredible work. At INA, we believe in the power of community and giving back. In that sense, our corporate donation reflects our commitment to building a brighter future for those who need it most.”

INA began its cooperation with the SOS Children’s Village Croatia in 2010. A number of projects and initiatives, annual donations and campaigns by the INA Volunteer Club have been implemented since then. “INA became our valuable and reliable partner 12 years ago, recognising the special nature of the family-type alternative care that the Association SOS Children’s Village Croatia provides to children in need. For 31 years, we have been successfully building a peaceful and safe family environment for the children who lack adequate parental care to grow up in. We can absolutely say today that partners like INA are a part of our big SOS family. We thank them for all the years of their faithful support, but also for all the years to come“, said Višnja Tuškan-Krupić, National Director of the SOS Children’s Village Croatia association. Mario Čović, Director of SOS Children’s Village Lekenik, added: “INA is our friend, who is always welcome at the Children’s Village Lekenik: whether they come here as SOS home partners to visit the SOS families and the children whom they are supporting as they grow up, or they come to do some work at our SOS Children’s Village through their Volunteer Club, they always bring smiles to the faces of the children and their SOS moms alike. Thanks to INA, we had the chance to see some famous music artists on the stage of our Community Centre, along with Santa, who is the most popular celebrity among the youngest children, and who comes to hand out gifts to them ahead of every Christmas. I would like to thank INA from the bottom of our heart for helping the children in our care create happy childhood memories.

At the moment, 240 children and young people live at the SOS Children’s Villages and Youth Facilities. INA’s generous workers will bring the holiday spirit to them and to 700 children living in other institutions across Croatia again this year, presenting them with gifts that the children themselves wished for.

PHOTO: Ranko Suvar / CROPIX


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