INA is looking for new partners in the retail business

    • Following the succses of the pilot phase, INA is looking for new partners for management of the filling stations
    • An opportunity for all enterprenuers to build sucsesful business with INA’s support

    Zagreb, 16 July 2014- Following the success of the pilot phase, INA is continuing with the project and looking for new partners for management of INA’s filling stations.

    Commenting the continuation of the project, Mr Darko Markotic, INA’s Executive Director for Retail, stated “When we decided last year to launch the pilot phase we at INA were convinced of its success because it is a model tested by the leading oil companies and represents one of the best industry practices in retail business. It is my pleasure, therefore, to see its continuation and the expansion to additional filling stations in our retail network. We expect for the new tender, same as the previous one, to attract many interested applicants with entrepreneurial spirit and a wish to manage their own business with the help of INA, which is a retail leader in Croatia. We especially want to encourage INA’s employees to enter this tender because thanks to their knowledge of INA’s system and the work of one filling station, they make ideal candidates. Same as in the pilot phase, INA will ensure all needed assistance to the selected candidates, both for the setting up their own companies and in organization of business on their filling stations.”

    In this operational model the company retains ownership of all retail assets including concessions, properties, buildings, infrastructure and goods, and the entrepreneur manages those resources, as well as its filling station team for a fee according to agreement made with INA. Such a model does not imply a divestment of the retail business and can be seen regularly in retail businesses of the leading global oil companies, while INA decided to implement it on one part of its retail network with the aim of securing the further development and sustainability of its retail business.

    Invited to apply are all candidates with entrepreneurial spirit and a wish to build their own business at the same time supporting the development of entrepreneurship in Croatia. Details regarding the tender conditions are available at

    About INA Group
    INA Group has the lead role in oil business in Croatia and plays a major part in oil and gas exploration, oil refining and distribution of oil and oil derivatives in the region. INA Group is made of a number of affiliates fully or partially owned by INA, d.d. The Group is seated in Zagreb, Croatia. Apart from Croatia, INA today has upstream projects in Angola and Egypt. Oil refining is done in INA’s refineries in Rijeka and Sisak, while its retail network consists of 445 petrol stations in Croatia and the region.

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