New Class fuels available on INA’s petrol stations

Zagreb, December 15 – INA started with the introduction of new fuels on its filling stations.  These are high-quality fuels with less than 10 mg/kg of sulphur, which is in accordance with the European standards EN 228 for motor gasoline and EN 590 for diesel. Through additives these fuels gained a new quality that improves vehicle driving performance, extends vehicle lifespan, increases engine power, reduces fuel consumption and protects the environment.

The new fuels to be marketed at INA petrol stations are Eurosuper BS 95 Class and Eurodizel BS Class, and will soon be available at 60 INA petrol stations in all parts of Croatia.

By producing high-quality fuels in its own refineries INA confirmed its role as one of few companies with own technological solutions that ensure the production and supply of quality fuels in accordance with the requirements of modern automotive engines and customer demand. “With the introduction of EURO V fuel to our 400 petrol stations mid-year we began to implement the strategy of strong revitalization of our retail network, and now we are bringing to the market new premium products to meet the increasingly demanding expectations of our customers. The modernisation of the retail network will be in our focus in the days to come. The aim of this strategy is to offer our customers not only high-quality fuels, but also to raise the level of our services in all segments and all in order to maintain our strong retail position in Croatia. “- said on this occasion Darko Markotić, Retail Executive.Documents