New members of INA Management Board appointed

Zagreb, March 31, 2020 – A meeting of INA Supervisory Board was held today to appoint new members of the company’s Management Board at the proposal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia. New members of the INA Management Board are Barbara Dorić, Darko Markotić and Niko Dalić. They were appointed for a five-year term, starting from April 1st 2020. Other members of INA Management Board are President of the Management Board Sándor Fasimon, Ákos Székely and Zsolt Pethő.

Barbara Dorić was appointed to the INA Management Board having previously held the position of Director of LNG Croatia. She has more than 12 years of experience in managing projects and companies in the energy sector. Darko Markotić has held the position of Advisor to President of INA Management Board since July last year, having previously served as the Operational Director of Consumer Services and Retail at INA. Niko Dalić has been a member of INA Management Board since February 2011. Mr. Dalić has many years of international experience in the field of exploration and production and is a well-known expert in this business.

The Supervisory Board wished a lot of success to the newly appointed Management Board members in their work and thanked Ivan Krešić and Davor Mayer for their work and contribution to the company’s operations. As appointed representatives of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, they have been members of INA’s Management Board since February 2011 and have contributed to many of the company’s projects that have secured its financial stability over the past period and provided the foundation for future development.

President of INA Management Board Sándor Fasimon and board members Akos Szekely and Zsolt Pethö’s respective terms expire on June 30, 2021.


About INA Group

INA Group plays a leading role in Croatia’s oil business and a significant regional role in hydrocarbon exploration and production, oil processing, and the distribution of oil and oil products. INA Group consists of several affiliated entities, entirely or partially owned by INA, d.d. The Group is based in Zagreb, Croatia. INA has hydrocarbon exploration and production operations in Croatia, Angola, and Egypt. The oil is processed at INA’s oil refineries – RN Rijeka and RN Sisak, while INA’s regional retail network includes more than 500 retail sites in Croatia and the neighbouring countries. INA Group is a member of MOL Group.


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