INA MAZIVA – New dynamic protection

Customer satisfaction is at the top of INA MAZIVA’s list of priorities and we are continuously working on improving the quality of our goods and services in order to meet the needs of existing and prospective customers at all times.

From now on, our customers can find uncompromising dynamic protection for all vehicles and machines in more practical containers. After a full 20 years, the containers of INA MAZIVA products will shine in a new light. More practical and easier to use, the new containers are fitted with a safety cap that prevents accidental opening. Although the products now come in new packaging, their high quality remains unchanged.

Power comes from within – just like top protection. At a time when protection is a priority, in addition to protecting their vehicle, customers can also protect themselves by using new Dezinol disinfection products. Apart from refreshing product packaging, INA MAZIVA is continuously working on placing new products on the market. During the peak of the coronavirus crisis, it launched a complete line of disinfection products, under the INA Cosmetx brand name.

Team spirit, the creativity of employees and a great desire to achieve the best possible results led to development of the first product from the INA Cosmetx line – the surface disinfectant INA Dezinol – in only a matter of days. Shortly after that, INA MAZIVA developed a hand disinfectant named INA Dezinol Plus, and recently, disinfectant wet wipes were introduced to the market. Customer feedback is excellent and a sales expansion to the hotel industry and healthcare facilities is planned due to an increasing need for such products. Furthermore, the products have already been placed on foreign markets that have recognised their quality. As a result, we’re already exporting to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Austria and Italy.

In addition to expanding sales to other industries and overseas markets, the company has begun developing water-based disinfectants.

Products in new packaging, as well as disinfectants from the INA Cosmetx line are available at INA’s retail stations.