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Project Adria Wind

Wind measurement campaign

The first offshore wind measurement campaign in Croatia was conducted in North Adriatic by INA.

The aim and scope of the wind campaign were to assess the wind potential at the designated area, to measure wind speed and direction, and then to interpret it in a wind study. The Wind Campaign started on 28 March 2022.

LIDAR wind measurement devices have been installed on INA platforms Izabela North and Ivana A. The measurements of wind speeds and direction were monitored for 12 months to provide a better understanding of the wind regime on the site itself and a full bankable wind resource assessment considering the industry standards.

To be able to better evaluate technical needs, a wider area in Adriatic, options for subsidies, permitting processes, and identify any additional risk or/and upside potentials pre-feasibility study is the natural next step.

Preparatory study for establishing an offshore wind farm in the north Adriatic

INA applied for the Call for preparatory studies for cross-border renewable energy (CB RES) projects (CEF Energy 2022 – Call for Preparatory Studies for Cross-border Renewable Energy Projects | The European Maritime Spatial Planning Platform ( to implement exploratory tasks to identify and develop the main parameters of the planned CB RES project and to formalize the cross-border cooperation mechanism between Croatia and Italy in January 2023. INA’s ADRIA Wind Project was selected for funding and the Grant Agreement was signed on 28 June 2023.

The Adria Wind Project consists of study preparation started on 1 September 2023 and the duration of 20 months. Through using preparatory studies, INA would like to be on the CEF map to apply for future Calls for equipment & works co-financing.

The preparatory study will consist of four different pillars:

  • The technical assessment will include a preliminary technical study, electrical and site resource assessments, an environmental and social impact screening, and will assess the potential implementation of interconnection between Croatia and Italy.
  • The financial assessment will cover the cost-benefit, risks and opportunities analysis of the potential CB RES project.
  • The commercial assessment will run in parallel with the financial assessment. It will analyze the market demand for electricity as well as the electricity price movements and monitor global energy trends on the market through a feed-in premium study and a Power Purchase Agreement assessment.
  • Stakeholder engagement fosters communication and stakeholder involvement activities and cooperation activities between Croatia and Italy, including the assessment of cost-benefit sharing.

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