They did not forget about children without adequate parental care this year either

INA workers have been buying Christmas presents for children and young people in Children’s homes throughout Croatia for eight years.

In just a few days, the wishes of children and young people without adequate parental care were fulfilled thanks to the workers of INA who joined their traditional campaign of holiday gifts for children “Let’s put a smile on children’s faces”. 843 children and young people from Children’s homes SOS Children’s Village Lekenik and Ladimirevci, Maestral Children’s Home in Split, Kastel Sućurac, Klis and Imotski, Sveta Ana Children’s Home in Vinkovci, Klasje Center in Osijek, Tenja, Beli Manastir, Dalje, Bistrinci and Antunovac, Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Children’s Home in Rijeka and Lovran, Lipik Children’s Home in Lipik, Maslina Children’s Home in Dubrovnik, Svitanje Children’s Home in Koprivnica, Ludbreg and Đurđevac, Vladimir Nazor Children’s Home in Karlovac and Turnje, Vrbina Children’s Home in Sisak and Children’s Home of Lucky Bricks in Slavonski Brod will find their desired gift under the pine this year as well.

“Our colleagues are once again responsible for the real Christmas spirit that could be felt in our company this holiday season. This year, a record number of colleagues participated in our corporate campaign “Let’s put a smile on children’s faces” and bought gifts for children without proper parental care that the children themselves wanted. Thanks to them, more than 800 children and young people from 11 homes across Croatia know that they are not alone this holiday season,” said Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Tamara Karagity.

But more than just the gesture means the attention they gave to those who needed it the most this year.

“We want to convey our gratitude on behalf of the children who for years have had the opportunity to wish for their gift and wait with great certainty that their wish will come true. This is often not the case in their lives, which is why this action is engraved in the children’s memory. Their facial expressions while removing the decorative paper from the gift and the screams of happiness after seeing the gift help them to forget about their difficulties at least a little. I thank the workers of INA for participating in the action “Let’s put a smile on children’s faces” and I wish you peace and joy in the coming holidays”, said the Director of the Maestral Children’s Home in Split, Jelena Burazin.

Ivan Pušćenik, Director of the Lipik Community Services Center, added: “The children were sincerely happy with the gifts and the fulfilment of their wishes, donated by INA’s employees. Thank you for including our Home in this commendable action, and we sincerely and from the bottom of our hearts thank you for your gifts, time and effort. Although we operate in a small local community, we do the same work as homes in large centers, this kind of help and support means a lot to us because it shows us that there are good people who care. Thank you for your support!”

“We can no longer imagine the Christmas holidays in Children Village without our faithful friends from INA. And this time they managed to surprise us again with the original Santa Claus and fulfilled every wish of our little ones. The youngest had fun with board games and toys, and young people are already planning what they will spend the gift vouchers on, because they know best what they need. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to our dear friends who are always a real pleasure to host in Lekenik”, said Mario Čović, Director of SOS Children’s Village Lekenik.

The President of the INA Management Board, Peter Ratatics, said that this action shows the true spirit of the INA community. “This is INA and its people – always ready to help! I am proud of my colleagues, and I am happy that I could be a part of this beautiful Christmas story.”

INA and its workers once again showed a big heart and along with the gifts gave the most important thing – a smile on children’s faces.