Ivana D well restored to a permanent safe state


The permanent recovery of the Ivana D-1 Dir well has been completed successfully. The recovery was carried out in accordance with the laws and bylaws of the Republic of Croatia and best industrial practices, bringing the well to a permanently safe state for people and the environment.

The recovery efforts took place below sea surface with the assistance of divers and the supervision of a robotic diver. After placing three cement plugs (with a total width of 450 m) in the well, the protective well pipes were cut at a depth of about two meters below the seabed and a protective steel cap was placed on it. As part of the activities performed, damaged parts of the wellhead were replaced, integrity of the well channel was examined, the damaged column of the protective pipes was cut, a new wellhead was installed, and the production reservoir and the well channel were permanently isolated by installing cement barriers in line with regulations.

CNS, an experienced international offshore diving contractor, was hired to complete the rehabilitation, performing the task by employing the GSP Falcon vessel. The multipurpose vessel spent 47 days at the location, while the activity lasted a total of 59 days. The diving crew had 33 members, 12 of whom were full-time saturation divers, while the rest were supervisors and support staff. The crew had of a total of 115 people, and several local companies were also involved throughout the project.