New INA Management Board Members Appointed

Zagreb, 10th February– During the circular voting procedure INA Supervisory Board appointed three new members of INA Management Board. The new members of INA Management Board are Niko Dalić, Ivan Krešić and Davor Mayer, all three appointed with the mandate starting from 11th February 2011 until 1st April 2015.

At the same session Tomislav Dragičević, Josip Petrović and Dubravko Tkalčić were recalled from the duty of the members of INA Management Board as of 10th February 2011. In connection to their positions in the Management Board no severance pay has been paid to them.

Besides, the term of office of Mr. Attila Holoda and Mr. Lajos Alacs as members of INA Management Board is extended for the period until April 1st, 2015

„I am pleased that from now on the Management Board is represented by great energy experts from both sides. It is evident that the new appointed members of the Management Board are all reputable experts in oil and energy business in Croatian and abroad. Besides, they have all been working in INA and are familiar with the way the company functions. I am sure that their appointment in the Management Board further contributes to reach our aim to make INA a regional leader.“ – said Mr. Davor Štern, President of INA Supervisory Board.

According to INA corporate governance, the Management Board is a collective body responsible for the overall business of the company, while Executive Directors are responsible for the operation of each business or function and are managing the day-to-day operation and businesses of the Company.

Niko Dalić (51) has served as a member of the Management Board in Edina, joint company of INA and Italian Edison until his new appointment. He has extensive international experience in the field of exploration and production and is well known expert in this business. He started his career in INA 25 years ago as an geologist, after he graduated from Faculty of Science, where he later on acquired master’s degree. Through his career he participated in a number of INA’s exploration and production projects in the country and abroad and gradually took over more important leading positions, among which are the position of Director of Exploration Sector in INA and assistant Executive director for exploration and production.

Ivan Krešić (37) is the director of Rijeka Oil Refinery from 2006, and over the last 15 years he has accumulated experience in various positions in the refinery business. He acquired formal education at Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technologyand afterwards acquired master’s degree at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York in 2001. He attended additional educational programs such as the Bled Business School and London School of Management. He started his career in INA Maziva in Rijeka as a process engineer.

Davor Mayer (41) comes from the position of a director of Fleet Card Management Sector in INA. He started his working years in INA and continued on different leading positions in several oil companies  such as ExxonMobil, OMV and Tifon and therefore gained experience in international oil business. He graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology.Documents