The first phase of modernization in Rijeka Refinery completed

RIJEKA, February 12 2011 – In Rijeka Refinery the completion of the investment project within the first phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization was celebrated.
The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Prime Minister Ms. Jadranka Kosor, deputy Prime Minister Mr. Domagoj Milošević, Ministers Mr. Đuro Popijač and Mr. Branko Bačić, Primorsko-goranska County Head Mr. Zlatko Komadina, state secretaries and other distinguished guests.

The first phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization included three facilities within Hydrocracking complex and other supporting facilities and installations. The facilities are: Mild hidrocracking, Hydrogen unit and Desulphurization plant (Claus) as well as numerous supporting facilities and installations.
Total investment into first phase of Rijeka Refinery modernization is close to EUR 400 million. The goal of modernization is to increase the efficiency level and ensure sustainable development through ecologically acceptable processes. Moreover, the modernization will in long term enable strengthening of INA’s position on existing markets and markets in the region.
The center facility of the complex is Hydrocracking/Hydrodesuphurization.
Through the hydro cracking of heavy hydrocarbons we will get lighter products, and by the hydrodesulphurization of these lighter products – EURO V fuels.

Hydrogen unit is designed for supplying of Hidrocracking plant with high purity hydrogen. Besides hydrogen, the plant produces also high pressure steam that is used for production of electricity.
Desulphurization plant in the first phase processes the amine acid gas and sour gas with high level of ammonia. This plant is able to isolate at least 99.8% of the sulphur present in the total input.

Zoltán Áldott, the President of the Management Board of INA pointed out at this occasion:„As a result of our commitment to refinery modernization to meet EU standards and to protect the environment, improving our operations and the sustainability of our refining business, while also achieving a better product slate, we are marking the start of a test run of the new facilities set-up in Rijeka Refinery today.  INA, as one of the biggest Croatian investors, employers and economic entities in Croatia, has the responsibility to remain strong and to contribute to the Croatian economy, as well as to strive to create the necessary infrastructural background for sustainable future growth. In that sense, it has the full support of its shareholders and is committed to fulfilling their expectations and working together with all our stakeholders in planning for the future.”Documents