Enjoy Špancirfest and win valuable INA and Fresh Corner cards!

Špancirfest, one of the biggest and most popular festivals in Croatia has started and INA is it’s proud sponsor. Beside concerts, street performances, creative workshops, shows, a rich Fresh Corner gastronomic offer and much more, during the festival you can also find INA’s photo corner, which may bring you valuable prizes – INA’s HRK 400 card and Fresh Corner HRK 200 card! Wondering how?

Keep a close eye on INA’s Instagram stories and ads in the period from August 19 to 28. When you see a frame in which you can insert your photo that you previously took in INA’s photo corner, take a screenshot of it, and insert your photo from INA’s photo corner into that frame. Post a photo in your story and be sure to tag INA’s official Instagram profile.

The craziest photos will win prizes! Enjoy Špancirfest and good luck to everyone! You can read the rules of the award competition here.