Greet the winter with Ina and Fiskars!


Because of a great customer interest, Fiskars program has been extended until 31 March.

Equip yourselves with new Fiskars and Gerber products, with a discount up to 50%.

If you refuel your vehicle or buy any product or a service at Ina’s retail site, you will receive a sticker at the cash register for every HRK 50 you spend. Collect the required number of stickers, stick them in the stamp collecting booklet, which you will also get upon purchase and buy one of 16 Fiskars or Berger products.

In the offer you will find, among other items, a snow shovel, an axe and a knife sharpener, a camping hatchet, a folding knife and a set of kitchen knives. The stickers can be collected from 25 November 2013 until 31 March 2014, i.e. until the stock lasts, at all Ina’s retail sites, and used at selected retail sites included in the promotional action.

Trademark “Fiskars”, established in 1694 in Finland, has been a synonym of quality and exceptional design for centuries. Gerber (established 1939) is a leading global supplier of outdoor equipment, tactical and work equipment. Each item of Fiskars tools and Gerber Survival Series was designed to meet the criteria of excellence and functionality, which you can witness by participating in this Ina’s promotional action.

See more details about the products included in this promotional action HERE.

Note: Maximal number of stickers per one receipt is 20.

As a refreshment of the current offer within the loyalty program, INA is offering three new Gerber products, with performances inspired by needs of the great adventurer Bear Grylls!
As of now, you can find a lightweight Gerber Bear Grylls hatchet of strong design, with compact and very sharp and thin blade for fast and precise wood splitting, cutting saplings, but also chopping wood trunks if necessary. A rubber coated handle of the Survival Hatchet provides a firm grip without slipping, ensuring better control when working with wood. With ten collected stickers, this product is available at HRK 249.90.
Bear Grylls, the man who took wandering in a desert with Bear Grylls Compact Compass, named this product as a must have for adventures into the wilderness. There are various ways of orientation in nature, but most of them include using the Sun position and a clear sky, which may not be always in sight. In such situations, this lightweight compass is just a thing to have, featured by small, compact size and a string for attaching to a jacket or luggage, with ABS plastic case providing its safe protection. You can purchase the compass at HRK 69.90, with 5 collected stickers.
Gerber Dime Multi Tool from Tactical series is featured with several components and characteristics, stainless steel pliers, flush cutting pliers, a precise blade edge, spring cutters, flat screwdriver, Philips screwdriver, tweezers and a nail file. This tool includes a unique blade for safe cutting of plastic packaging and a bottle opener available even when the tool is folded. Compact and light, it will surely prove useful on many occasions and with ten collected stickers, you can buy it at HRK 119.90.