A new brochure and catalogue of the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Laboratory has been published

The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Laboratory is dedicated to the improvement and support of exploration projects, reservoir development and oil and gas production.

The laboratory team consists of highly educated experts, petroleum, geological and chemical engineers and top technicians with many years of experience in the oil and gas industry, who offer an innovative approach and solutions designed according to the needs of clients in the field of petroleum, geological and geothermal research and production, natural gas storage, EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) and CCUS (Carbon capture, utilization and storage) projects, with superior performance of laboratory analyzes and interpretations related to the operations of the entire energy sector.

Experts in the laboratory cover all needs for laboratory analyzes and monitoring in oil and gas research and production and beyond. As the laboratory, in addition to internal services, also provides services to external clients, they have prepared a catalogue and brochure of their services, which you can see here.