INA Group employed 46 new interns as part of the Growww program

  • • Today, 46 new interns begin their one-year internship at the INA Group
    • Interns have been selected among tough competition with more than 900 candidates

    Zagreb, 1 September 2015 – By signing the employment contract, 46 interns employed as part of the Growww program began today their one-year internship at the INA Group. More than 900 candidates from the field of petroleum engineering and geology, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and social sciences applied for this year’s INA tender for the employment of interns.

    On their first workday at INA, the interns were welcomed by Mr. Tvrtko Perković, INA Corporate Centre Executive Director, who congratulated them on the success in the selection procedure and welcomed them to the INA Group. In the days ahead, you will learn that being a part of the INA team also means being a part of the dynamic world of the oil industry and a much wider international business environment. It is, therefore, clear that such a work environment is certainly an ideal place to gain initial experience, what you will see for yourself.  In order to get the best out of the Growww program, be open to acquiring new knowledge and experience from older colleagues, feel free to share your ideas, take initiative and be active members of your teams”, Mr. Perković emphasised.
    Just like their colleagues from the previous five Growww generations, the interns will receive a detailed business education and become familiar with INA plants, while their work and efficiency will be monitored and evaluated through continuous guidance by the mentors.