Pet Point installed at the INA Vukova Gorica petrol station

  •  At the Vukova Gorica petrol station, INA is now offering a new service: Pet Point – dog park.
    • Pet Point will be particularly useful for tourists, that is, the INA customers embarking on a long journey with a dog
    • The offer of consumer goods at the petrol station was additionally expanded with products for pets

    Zagreb, 20 May 2015 – Pet point was opened at the Vukova Gorica petrol station – this is a space in which the dog owners will be able to take care of their pets during the journey. Vukova Gorica PS, which is located along the motorway A1, was selected for this pilot project because this new service is especially helpful for tourists taking their dogs on holiday with them.

    Even the well-known TV host Barbara Kolar was convinced of the practicability of this new service, since she and her dog Lola were the first ones to try the comforts offered to the pets by the Pet Point at Vukova Gorica. After refreshing at the INA station, Barbara and Lola happily continued their journey.

    “As a great animal enthusiast and long-time dog owner, I am very familiar with the situations in which our pets need special attention, and many hours of travelling are certainly one of those situations. It is therefore commendable that INA thought of its customers in this aspect as well, and by allowing the break for their pets at the Pet Point, it actually facilitated a more comfortable trip for their owners as well”, said Ms. Kolar on this occasion.

    Five Point is a specially designed corner for pets where four-legged travel companions will be able to stretch their legs, drink water, tend to their needs and wait in comfortable surroundings while their owners are shopping. The area is fenced and fully customised to pets, and INA considered the owners as well. Benches were installed for them in the immediate vicinity of the Pet Point.  The assortment of consumer goods at the petrol station was additionally expanded with products for pets.
    Pet Point is open 24/7.