November 23, 2018
Personnel changes in INA
As of December 1st 2018, Mr. Stjepan Nikolić will be appointed as the new Operating Director of Refining and Marketing.
October 31, 2018
INA and PPD signed the Recapitalization Agreement on Petrokemija
The aim of the investment is to continue and develop Petrokemija’s activities in production of mineral fertilizers
October 26, 2018
FINANCIAL RESULTS Q1 – Q3 2018 / Q3 2018
In relation to Q1 – Q3 2017, net sales revenues increased by 21%
June 29, 2018
Changes in INA Management Board
Supervisory board of INA, d.d. today approved the appointment of Mr. Sándor Fasimon as the President of the Management Board
June 27, 2018
INA General Shareholders′ Assembly held
Today the General Shareholders′ Assembly of INA-Industrija nafte, d.d. was held, attended by 9,779,465 votes or 97.79% of 10,000,000 votes in total.
May 25, 2018
INA’s intention of participation in Petrokemija recapitalization
Management Board of INA reached a decision on intention to participate in the recapitalization of Petrokemija, unanimously supported by the Supervisory Board
April 27, 2018
Financial results Q1 2018
INA Group revenues in Q1 2018 stayed at the similar level compared to Q1 2017
March 28, 2018
INA Supervisory Board session held
At today’s session the Supervisory Board of INA re-elected Zoltán Áldott as President of the Management Board 
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