January 19, 2017
In cooperation with Deloitte INA is analyzing options for sustainable operations at Sisak site
INA selected Deloitte consultants to implement the project of identifying options for a sustainable business operation at Sisak site 
October 28, 2016
INA published financial results for Q1-Q3 2016
Crude oil production up by 11% compared to Q1-Q3 2015 
July 28, 2016
INA put new gas fields in Medimurje into production
INA started the test gas production in two exploitation gas fields, Vuckovec and Zebanec, and the motioning of production in the exploitation field Vukanovec is expected in early 2017. 
July 28, 2016
INA published financial results for H1 2016
INA Group’s EBITDA in H1 2016, excl. special items, reached HRK 723 million, while the CCS EBITDA, excl. special items, amounted to HRK 755 million. 
March 30, 2016
INA Supervisory Board session held
At its today’s session, Supervisory Board of INA re-appointed Zoltan Aldott to the position of the Management Board, President, while Niko Dalić, Gabor Horvath, Ivan Krešić, Davor Mayer, and Peter Ratatics were re-appointed as Management Board members for the period from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017.
February 23, 2016
Financial results Q1-Q4 2015
INA Group’s EBITDA in 2015, excl. special items, increased by 10% in relation to the same period last year, reaching HRK 2,952 million
December 7, 2015
INA introduces the energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011
INA Group has successfully completed the certification process conducted by an independent accreditation agency and thus introduced the energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2011, which specifies the requirements for the energy management system applicable to all organisations, regardless of their type and size. With its introduction, the INA Group Energy Policy was established.
November 30, 2015
INA founds the company Plavi tim
INA Management Board adopted a decision establishing the company Plavi tim d.o.o., fully owned by INA and which will operate as an IT service centre for INA Group and other clients. The employees of INA’s Information Services Sector will be transferred to the new company, which will start its operation as of 1 December 2015.
October 30, 2015
INA published financial results for Q1-Q3 2015
INA Group’s CCS EBITDA in Q1-Q3 2015 increased by 4% in relation to the same period last year, reaching HRK 2,696 million, while the CCS operating profit amounted to HRK 1,318 million, 4% above the level in 2014. Net profit amounted to HRK 359 million. Total investments reached HRK 973 million, which is stable compared to EBITDA and taking in consideration adjustment to the volatile external environment.
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