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  • • Call for proposals for architectural and urban design plansof Stupnik-Eastpetrol station
    • First sustainable filling station in Croatia
    • It is a self-sustaining, environmentally friendly and innovative retail facility

    Zagreb, 15 July 2013 – INA launched a project of building a sustainable petrol station called “Energy for the Future”, which envisages the construction of sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative retail facility. First petrol station of this type will be built in Zagreb on the location of the existing gas station Stupnik-East, and its completion is planned for the second half of the 2014.

    As a first step in the construction process, INA today announced atender for architectural and urban design solutions for these stations. The tender, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Society of Architects Zagreb, is opened until 17 September 2013, and the goal is to obtain the highest quality architectural and urban plans that will define comprehensive design of the petrol station areaand its environment.
    Some of the technological solutions applied to objects of this type include thermal storage and its use in heating and cooling systems, the application of alternative energy sources for heating / cooling, ventilation and air space, the use of rainwater for cleaning, toilet flushing and watering of green areas; heating of the traffic areas for the purpose of melting snow, use of nanotechnology in the external and internal surfaces for high endurance and self-cleaning effect, use of LED lighting in the interior and exterior with a system of control spending and the use of recycled materials wherever possible and justified.
    Petrol stationStupnik-East will be the first sustainable petrol station in the Republic of Croatia, making INA a leader in the application of the so-called green technologies in the retail network. In addition, after the introduction of technical and visual improvements in the retail network, which encompassed total of 130 petrol stations so far, by implementing this project INA is offering added value to the community and its customers, in line with its efforts to incorporate the principles of sustainable development into its business and promotes projects that are environmentally friendly and contribute to energy efficiency.

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