INA predložila model određivanja maloprodajnih cijena naftnih derivata

Zagreb, May 23rd – INA-INDUSTRIJA NAFTE d.d. held the General Shareholders’ Assembly at the head office in Zagreb on May 23rd, attended by 9.591.214 votes or 95,91214% of 10,000,000 votes in total.

With the necessary majority of votes presentat the Assembly and in line with the Agenda, among other items, the following resolutions were adopted: decision to add additional activitiesto thelist of the Company’s business activities, approval of the Company’s new Articles of Association, discharge to the members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board for business year 2010,  and the decision about appointment of the auditors.

Consolidated and unconsolidated Financial Statements for the year ended 2010 together with Independent Auditor’s Report, Company and INA Group Status Report for 2010 and Supervisory Board Report for 2010 were presented to the shareholders at the Assembly.

Besides that, a decision about appropriation of profit of INA, d.d. in 2010 has been brought. Following the decision of the Assembly, as proposed by the two major shareholders, the Government of Croatia and MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc, 50% of the INA Group’ consolidated net income, HRK 480,5 million will be distributed as dividend to the shareholders according to their capital share.

In front of the present shareholders on General Shareholders’ Assembly, Zoltán Áldott, president of INA Management Board, together with András Huszár, Executive director for Finance, held a presentation in which they reflected on the most important events and trends in INA’s operations during last year and once again emphasized the fact that the last year had been a key year for financial stabilisation of the company and with intensive investment activities. „By stabilizing INA’s financial position and completing our major investment projects in 2010, we put INA on a progressive growth path. Our current economic success is a very important tool to reach a sustainable growth path for the business according to the authorization given to it by the shareholders. INA intends and will remain a positive force, a real engine of the Croatian economy, a strong partner for the Government in reaching its energy policy goals, a first choice of consumers in the region, but also a magnet for new, young talents. This is ambitious, but doable. Nothing confirms it more than the over 10,000 job applications we received from over 3,000 fresh graduates for our Growww talent programme in recent months. It means that not only the financial and business circles, but also future generations are confirming that INA is on a good track.“, Mr. Áldott said on this occasion.