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  • • Projects from the area of sustainable development will be selected and supported through a tender
    • Non-governmental organisations and educational institutions are invited to join
    • You have an idea? Join us!

    Zagreb, 25 July 2014- With the aim of spreading awareness of the importance of sustainable development, today INA is initiating the “Green Belt” program, as part of which through a tender it will invite non-governmental organisations and educational institutions to jointly contribute to environmental protection in local communities. The program implies co-financing of projects such as afforestation, decoration of green surfaces, clean-up of the seabed, coastal area, lakes and rivers, afforestation of areas destroyed in fires, education on ecology and other activities in the field of sustainable development.

    By encouraging citizens to an increased engagement in environmental protection activities, we are strengthening the collective social awareness of sustainable development in our local communities, but also globally, and therefore this project is truly welcome as support to our environmental protection efforts. The role of INA will be visible through efficient and systematic support, including financial support and the participation of the INA Volunteers Club in the activities which will be implemented as part of this project.

    All of the non-governmental organisations, schools, kindergartens and faculties in Croatia now have the opportunity to submit their ideas and projects to the tender open until 31 August 2014. The submitted projects should ensure the possibility of including the local community in the implementation, while the project should be realised within 6 months after the funds approval. The candidates applying for the program have to contribute 20% of the total budget intended for the project, either financially or materially. The decision on the selection of the project will be issued by the Expert Tendering Committee, which will be comprised of persons operating within the domain of sustainable development, spatial planning, professional faculty representatives and representatives from the INA Sustainable Development Sector, within 30 to 45 days from the date of expiry of the deadline for the submission of bids.

    All the details on the tender conditions and the necessary tender documents are available at the website

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