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  •  In 2015 INA continues helping to protect the environment and nature

    • The program is intended for all civil society organisations and public educational institutions

    • 15 projects were selected as part of this year’s projects
    Zagreb, 12 October 2015 – After a comprehensive evaluation of the projects submitted to this year’s “Green Belt” tender, an expert committee consisting of the representatives of the relevant faculties, independent sustainability experts and representatives of the INA Sustainable Development and Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Sector has selected 15 winning ideas, which will be implemented in the coming period, with financial support from INA in the total amount of HRK 300,000 and the help from the INA Volunteers Club.

    As many as 136 applications were submitted to this year’s tender, and the winning projects were selected on the basis of clearly defined criteria, of which the most important ones were: the degree of positive impact on the environment, the involvement of local community and the possibility of project realisation within six months from the approval.

    The winning projects of the Green Belt 2015 are
    • Recreational association Zeleno srce, an association from Pitomača, for the project “Čista Drava je prava” <”Clean Drava rules”>
    • Ecological diving club “Korčula”, an association from Korčula, for the project “Učinimo podmorje ljepše” <Let’s make the sea bed more beautiful>
    • Association of the Blind of the City of Pleternica and Požeško-Slavonska County for the project “Prijatelji prirode” <”Friends of the Nature”>
    • Kindergarten Suncokret from Slatina for the project “Zeleni vrtovi za zelenije vrtiće” <“Green Gardens for Greener Kindergartens”>
    • Kindergarten Snjeguljica from Rijeka for the project “From trash to treasure”
    • Sustainable island, an association from Jelsa for the project “Pityeia- borov otok” <”Pitveja – pine island”
    • Elementary school Bedekovčina for the project “Uredimo školski park – učimo i igrajmo se na otvorenom” <”Rearranging the School Park – learning and playing in the open”>
    • Association for people with intellectual disabilities “Golubica” Vukovar for the project “Poboljšanje živornih uvjeta” <“Improvement of living conditions”>
    • Volunteer Fire Brigade Beretinec for the project “Približimo prirodu ljudima” <“Let’s bring nature closer to people”>
    • Elementary School Dragutin Tadijanović from Petrinja for the project “Okoliš za 5 – uredimo zelenu oazu za učenje i zabavu” <“A for the environment – let’s make a green oasis for learning and fun”>
    • The association of winemakers and olive growers “RUKATAC I PICULJA” from the island of Lastovo for the project “Uređenje početnog dijela tematske staze “Maslinarski i vinski put Lastovskog težaka“ <“Landscaping of the first part of the thematic path “Olive and wine route of Lastovo labourers”>
    • Association of foster parents and family homes, “Nada” Ivanec, from Ivanec, for the project “Kad se male ruke slože i eko povrćem se hranit može” <“When many hand make light work, eating organic vegetables becomes possible”>
    • Primary School Mladost from Lekenik for the project “Ekološko – edukativni park Lekenik – Krajobrazno uređenje” <“Ecological and educational park Lekenik – Landscape design”>
    • Association of Disabled People Zvjezdice, association in Gunja, for the project “Voda odnijela, INA donijela“ <“What water washed away, INA brought back”>
    • Preschool institution Kindergarten Slano, Dubrovnik, for the project “Green Belt”
    About the “Green Belt” Program
    In order to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable development, INA initiated the ”Green Belt” program, as part of which non-governmental organisations and educational institutions were invited to cooperate in order to jointly contribute to environmental protection in the local communities. Through this program, INA co-finances projects such as afforestation, landscaping of green areas, clean-up of the sea bed, coastal area, lakes and rivers, education on ecology and other similar activities in the field of environmental and nature protection.