Novi i sigurniji sefovi na Ininim benzinskim postajama

INA, d.d. was surprised to read the statement made by HANFA on August 11th.
First and most of all, INA, d.d. (“INA”) refuses the implied criminal or misdemeanor threat against its President of the Management Board.  Neither the President of the Management Board or INA itself has ever questioned in any form the independence nor the authority of HANFA. Nevertheless, we clearly maintain our right to form opinion about the (professional) activity of HANFA related to INA. This is clearly provided for and granted by both in the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Croatia.  An opinion, let it be a negative one, does not entitle anybody to threat a company or its responsible manager(s).
We fully co-operated with HANFA during the on-site investigation and reasonable efforts are being made to comply with  HANFA’s decision.