Svečano otvorena izložba „Etelka – riječka čelična dama“

Rijeka, 17 June – INA and Zamet Handball Club has continued its cooperation of R-INA Handball Academy Rijeka. In the presence of the Minister of Science, Education and Sports Željko Jovanović, the contract was signed by RK Zamet president Zlatko Kolić and INA’s Executive Director of Corporate Affairs Tomislav Thür.

On this occasion, Tomislav Thür expressed satisfaction with the continued co-operation on this project which is beneficial to the residents of Rijeka and the Rijeka region and the project which contributes to the development of handball. “I am very glad that the children benefit from this project because INA gives special significance to projects dedicated to children. R-INA handball academy gives opportunity to the youngest to fill their free time with quality content and adopt healthy habits. In addition, it helps them to learn a valuable life lesson – through sports they learn about the importance of unity, team spirit and dedicated work in achieving the goals. That is why we are extremely pleased that the project we jointly launched two years ago is successful.” – he said and wished success to all who work on Handball Academy and to all participants he wished a lot of happy sports moments.

R-INA Handball Academy Rijeka, was launched in 2011 and it brings together 180 children, divided into five age categories and six teams. The Academy’s six coaches works with the kids, and within all competitions organized by the Croatian Handball Federation and Rijeka Sports Association, offspring of RK Zamet, students of the Academy, annually play 300 games and participate in the 10 tournaments. A success of the R-INA Handball Academy is best illustrated by the fact that in the last two years, all categories of the Academy, and all the younger teams of RK Zamet made to the national final tournaments.