U Dubrovniku započela Ljetna škola naftnog rudarstva

  • • From today, vignettes for Hungarian highways are available at 13 INA petrol stations
    • The purchase of vignettes is enabled before crossing the Hungarian border
    • Vignettes can also be paid using the INA Card

    Zagreb, 16 February 2015 – From today, vignettes for Hungarian highways are available at 13 INA petrol stations in Croatia, for vehicles up to 3,5 tonnes. With this INA service, everyone travelling to Hungary can for the first time buy a vignette before crossing the Hungarian border, and in addition to all other payment methods, they can pay using the INA Card.

    Vignettes for Hungary can be purchased at the following INA petrol stations: Ježevo-North, Novi Marof-East, Sredanci-Motorway, Vukova Gorica, Slavonski Brod-Osječka, Koprivnica-Kolodvorska, Beli Manastir-Osječka, Varaždin-Međimurska, Osijek-Čepinska, Goričan, Kalinovac, Vinkovci-Kunjevci and Lučko-South. More information on the new INA service, as well as the list of petrol stations and vignette prices can be found at the INA web site.

    Alongside the Hungarian vignettes, vignettes for Slovenian highways, as well as coupons for supplements for ENC devices, can also be bought at INA petrol stations.

    INA is intensively working on additional improvements to its retail operations, through monthly promotional activities, as part of which it is offering specific products at promotional prices, and special offers are created at seasonal basis for well-known brands at attractive prices. All current offers at INA petrol stations can be viewed here.

    By expanding its product range through the introduction of additional services and products, as well as offers of products at promotional prices, INA is continuously working at increasing the customer satisfaction, and making its petrol stations the customers’ first choice when purchasing products.