Early in March 2012, INA started the implementation of electronic interchange of delivery documents, order forms and incoming invoices within consumer goods procurement process in retail – by EDI method. The interchange was established with the major suppliers, with the goal of improving business processes in procurement of consumer goods.
Within this project, INA has extended its membership in GS1, a non-profit international organization dealing in improvement of performance and providing an organized view of supply chains, to its retail sites. This way each retail location was assigned with a GLN (Global Location Number), which is a unique and universal reference for identification of locations all around the world.
The number of retail suppliers included in the electronic data interchange was extended in 2013 and the process continued in 2014 by establishing the invoice interchange (by EDI method) with individual wholesale customers of INA Card.
For further information, please contact EDI@ina.hr.

Guidelines for electronic interchange by EDI method (in Croatian)
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