INA podržala Riječki karnevalski humanitarni bal

Zagreb, 21 September 2015 – INA Volunteers Club is marking its four years of activity, during which a total of nearly one thousand volunteers participated in 75 actions with more than seven and a half thousand donated hours. The Club has won several awards for its activity, including a special recognition for the contribution of the business sector to the development of volunteering of the Volunteer Centre Osijek, and INA has also showed its commitment to volunteering by the recent signing of the Charter Recognising Competences Acquired by Volunteering. 

The members of the company top management are also members of the Club, so, for example, the President of the INA Management Board, Mr. Zoltán Áldott, participated in the recently held volunteering action of landscaping on the island of Lastovo: “I am exceptionally proud to be a member of such a valuable initiative and I personally support volunteering because it is based on the desire of each individual to contribute to the community. On this occasion, I would like to thank all INA employees who joined the Club during the past four years. By signing the Charter Recognising Competences Acquired by Volunteering, the company has once again demonstrated its readiness to develop good practices in the evaluation of volunteering, both during the employment and in professional advancement, as well as through the promotion and evaluation of volunteering efforts of its employees.

INA Volunteers Club was established in 2011, on the occasion of celebrating the European Year of Volunteering, with the goal of voluntary investment of free time, effort, knowledge and skills for general welfare. From the very beginning of the activity, INA employees have shown great interest, and the number of members has been steadily growing – today there are as many as 591 of them, which is 26 percent more than at the end of last year. The number of hours invested is also increasing, and the total number of hours invested throughout 2014 has already been exceeded in 2015. The next action of the Club is an environmental volunteer action which will be held on 22 September on Medvednica, when the volunteers, in cooperation with the representatives of the Public Institution “Nature Park Medvednica”, will landscape the area around the Queen’s well and Medvedgrad.