INA pokreće program „Zeleni pojas“

  • • INA’s cooperation with the student population awarded again
    • This year as well, INA remains committed to projects benefiting young talents

    Zagreb, 24 March 2015 – The fifth annual awards ceremony “Golden Index” organised by the student association eStudent was held on Friday, 20 March, at the State Archives in Zagreb, and INA was the winner in the category “Professional support and organisation of student projects”.     

    The Director of the Human Resources Sector at Ina, Mrs Vladimira Senčar Perkov, said on this occasion: “It is a great honour and pleasure for Ina that the students recognised our efforts and initiatives aimed at benefiting them, and decided to reward us this year as well. From the very beginnings of the Golden Index, this award has always been among our favourites because it is awarded by the students themselves, and their confirmation is the best guarantee of the quality and value of our projects. Furthermore, awards such as this are also the best motivation for us to remain committed to further improving our projects aimed at young talents because they are the ones who provide the company with innovation, creativity and the potential for growth and development.”

    The “Golden Index” is a unique award in the territory of the Republic of Croatia, which is awarded to the companies which have made the biggest contribution to the better quality of the life, education and professional training of students, and the evaluation and selection are performed by the students themselves. In 2015, INA continued with the implementation of programs and initiatives aimed at the student population and youth, as well as with the successful cooperation with three student associations: eStudent, AIESEC Croatia and BEST, which will, as in previous years, be characterised by participation in the events organised by the above mentioned associations, and the independent implementation of projects aimed at providing support to the student population.

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