Održana sjednica Nadzornog odbora Ine

  • • The INA Volunteers Club participated in the landscaping activities on the island of Lastovo
    • As a member of the Volunteers Club, the President of the INA Management Board also participated in the action
    • The action was organised as part of the INA “Green Belt” program aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of preserving the environment and encouraging the citizens engagement

    Zagreb, 13 May 2015 – During the past weekend, the members of the INA Volunteers Club, including Zoltán Áldott, President of the INA Management Board, participated in the voluntary action of landscaping on the island of Lastovo, as part of the INA “Green Belt” program. 

    In the Lokavije field, the environment was renovated, access roads were repaired, stone walls were rebuilt, the grass was mowed, and soil, grass and low vegetation in the area ofvineyards were removed. The diligent volunteers and representatives of the Association of winemakers and olive cultivators performed a considerable amount of work in order to preserve and protect the unique sorts of wines and olives in this area.
    It was all initiated last year, when the Association of winemakers and olive cultivators “Rukatac i piculja” from the island of Lastovo applied for the “Green Belt” competition with their project: “Renovating the area of Lokve environment in Lokavije Field, the access entrance routes to the Field at the base of the Lastovo settlement”. The project was approved, and the landscaping of the island, co-financed by INA, is planned to last until this June. INA volunteers responded to the invitation for joint action presented by the Association.

    Together with the project of the Association from Lastovo, a total of 58 projects applied for the last years’ “Green Belt” competition, among which the technical committee has selected 12 of the best. The INA volunteers are also assisting in the realisation of certain projects. So far, the action took place in Popovača, where the volunteers helped with the renovation of a therapeutic garden of the Association for rehabilitation and resocialisation of the mentally ill at the ”Dr. Ivan Barbot” Neuropsychiatric hospital. The volunteers helped with the spring gardening works in the botanical garden of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, which was donated funds for the reconstruction of an area for growing wetland plants and aquatic habitats as part of the “Green Belt” program. The next INA volunteers action related to “Green Belt” will take place this Saturday in the Eco Park Bijeli Klanac, in the Karlovac County area.

    INA’s new competition for Green Belt 2015 is currently in progress, and the applications are being accepted until 31 May this year. Read more about the project at https://www.ina.hr/zelenipojas.