U Ini održano finale natjecanja Junior Freshhh

  • • The application is available to all smartphone users with the iOS and Android systems
    • It contains useful information on the nearest petrol stations, offer and prices, as well as information on the parking location, traffic and the weather forecast

    Zagreb, 26 August 2015 – As of today, all smartphone users can download INA’s application free of charge and use it to quickly and easily to find a number of useful information at any time and at any place.

    INA’s smartphone application consists of a petrol station search engine, contains information on the offer and fuel prices, news from INA, as well as information on traffic and the weather forecast. Furthermore, users of the application also have at their disposal the recording of the location where they parked.

    “INA follows the trends on the market and wishes to provide its customers with easier access to all relevant information, and, guided by this goal, we have created a smartphone application, which we believe will greatly benefit all drivers. Now they have an overview of all necessary information in one place and can enjoy their travels and hobbies without a care”, said Darko Markotić, Retail Executive Director.

    In addition to the need of providing the aforementioned information to the users from Croatia, INA has also recognised the need for providing the information to tourists, therefore the application is available in the Croatian and English language. INA will continue to monitor market trends and consumer needs, and adapt its business to them.

    Links to download the INA application: