Novi i sigurniji sefovi na Ininim benzinskim postajama

• Recently launched tender provided an opportunity for building own businesses
• The project’s goal is not to fire retail employees, but raise efficiency

Zagreb, 10 July 2013 – INA has recently launched a tender, which provides an opportunity for employees (and interested parties outside the Company) to become entrepreneurs and build their own business with INA’s help.
“Become an Entrepreneur” is a pilot project that is expected to cover 20 petrol stations that would be given to the management of the best candidates. Such a model would enable the Company to achieve higher competitiveness and ensure long-term sustainability of the retail business and its growth and development on the domestic and regional market.
The aim of this pilot project is not layoff, but achieving greater efficiency of the retail network. We also want to emphasize that there is no redundancy at petrol stations and that every one of our employees at the stations needed in the full sense of the word.
We would like to stress that the tender has achieved a really good turnout with a large number of interested candidates, which indicates that our intention is recognized and supported by the prospective entrepreneurs, which was the goal of the campaign.

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INA Group holds the dominant position in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region in the oil and gas exploration and production, oil processing, and oil and oil products distribution activities. The Group is comprised of a number of companies either partially or fully owned by the company INA, d.d. The registered office of the company is at Avenija Veceslava Holjevca 10, Zagreb, Croatia. INA Group has 13,854 employees. In the E&P segment, INA currently operates, in addition to Croatia, in Angola and Egypt. Refining activities are based in INA’s refineries; Rijeka and Sisak, while the regional retail network is comprised of 454 petrol stations in Croatia and neighboring countries.

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