Proglašeni dobitnici Inina Natječaja za najbolju sportsku fotografiju „INA u sportu“

ZAGREB, July 12 – The procedure for enforced collection of the total overdue receivables in the amount of more than 68 million HRK from company DIOKI was initiated related to the delivered ethane from INA, d.d. and delivered natural gas from Prirodni plin, d.o.o. As the next step, INA is considering delivery suspension of ethane and natural gas.

INA has shown maximum flexibility in the effort to achieve mutual agreement with the company with which INA has a long partnership relation and has continued with regular deliveries of natural gas and ethane to DIOKI, despite DIOKI’s high liabilities in the last two years. Intensive talks have been initiated during which Dioki hasn’t offered an acceptable solution. DIOKI has also not paid its debt until day. This is therefore a necessary business move in the order to protect INA’s business operations.